Day 43:
Final scenes
Class review Click here to take survey

Day 42: work on scenes all day

Day 41 (5/18-19):
Merchant test/ if time work on scenes

Day 40 (5/17):
Work on scenes in class
Go over rubric for final


Day 39:
Finish Play!!!
Watch Anthony Heald discuss his role as Shylock in OSF's Merchant of Venice
Merchant of Venice interview
Work on projects, review play for test next class
HW: prepare for final presentation/ essay/ test

Day 38:
Finish Act 3, read act 4 until "Beg that thou mayst have leave to hang thyself"
HW: worksheet act 4

Day 37:
redo act 1 worksheet in class
Read to Act 3

Day 36:
Collect HW
Read and analyze Act 2
Begin Act 3 complete a "gossip report" for
HW complete a "gossip report" for the play so far (tabloid magazine cover)

Day 35: (all work is on the Merchant of Venice page)
Merchant of Venice background/ cast of characters
Read & Analyze Act 1

HW: analysis sheet

Day 34:
Test (50 minutes)
Newsweek article
Soccer students make up test Tuesday

Day 33:
Discuss end of novel
HW: Test tomorrow! (Thursday or Friday)

Day 32:
TFA: Colonialism Connections, "The Second Coming," and "The White Man's Burden"

HW: Finish the Book and annotate

Day 31:
TFA: Justice system, Okonkwo has a heart, Foil characters of Ok and Obi, Exile, a Plot!!
HW: Read Chapters 15-19 and annotate

Day 30:
TFA: Ibo culture
, Does TFA have a plot??
HW: Read Ch 10-14 and annotate; Obierika and Okonkwo as foils

Day 29:
Discuss first 5 chapters in TFA (Things Fall Apart)
HW: Read Chapters 6-9; make an average of 4 annotations per chapter or 16 total for today's reading assignment

Day 28:
Discuss article (HW) in groups
HW: read through chapter 5- (pg 2879) and annotate at least 4 times per chapter; make a chart to organize the characters; you may choose to find an organizational chart on the internet or to come up with your own format. 2 sample character charts are on the Things Fall Apart page.

Day 27:
Finish Lost in Austen
How to Write about Africa
HW: Read this article:

Day 25 & 26:
Lost in Austen
Hand out Things Fall Apart
HW: read intro until page 2858 line "One of these villages, Iguedo, is the home of the protagonist Okonkwo, an ambitious and powerful man who is driven by the memory of his father's failure and weakness."

Day 24:
End of unit Assessment
Lost in Austen

Day 23:
Discuss end of novel
Jeopardy review
Begin Lost in Austen

Day 22:
Discuss/ review reading of chapter 33-49
class discussion
HW: Finish novel

Day 21:
Quiz 33-49
Discuss implications of Lydia's choice, Wickam, Darcy's change
HW: read through 55

Day 20: (1st day back from break for D & F)
Discuss Chapters 33-44
watch Pemberly scenes
HW: read => chapter 49- quiz tomorrow
Day 19:
Diigo presentation
Theme work
Movies compare and contrast
HW: Read through 36 (B block) 44 (D and F)
Remember you need to read through 49 by March 30-31

Extra Credit Opportunity!! DUE 3/15- If you follow these directions EXPLICITLY you will have the opportunity to get Extra Credit:

  • See Alice In Wonderland
  • Save the ticket stub
  • Write a 1 page, single spaced paper (12 pt font, Times New Roman) discussing the feminism in the movie and the application to our current unit of study
Day 18:
Discuss chapter 18-23 as a seminar
HW: read through chapter 33 and you will need to read through 49 (block B) and 45 (block D&F) by end of break!!!

Day 17:
Discuss Chapters 1-18
HW: read => chapter 23

Day 16:
Watch Pride and Prejudice
Day 15:
music widget
Quiz chapter 8-13
Discuss book
Discuss project
HW: read through chapter 18

Day 14:
Context for Pride and Prejudice
Quiz on chapters 1-7
Discuss femininity
Watch A&E version
HW: read though chapter 13

Day 13:
Keynote challenge
Read chapters 1-2 in class
HW: read through chapter 7- possible quiz next class

Day 12:
Poetry test
Day 11: Guest speaker- poetry people
Day 10:
Lucille Clifton poem & "...The Other Woman"
HW: review for test on Thursday/ Friday

Day 9:
"Teenage Sky" and "They Locked me up in Prose"
HW- Review all poems studied so far

Day 8: Guest teacher
Day 7:
"Woman" discussion
Read and discuss "Girl"

HW: Write your own version of "Girl" for today

Day 6:
Discuss "The Last Duchess"
Analyze "Women"

HW: Determine the main idea for each stanza and determine reasons for rhyme scheme

Day 5:
In class essay on "The Story of an Hour"
HW: Read and annotate "The Last Duchess" by next class

Day 4:
Outline discussion on "The Story of an Hour"
"Stupid Girls"
Write your own "unpretty"
HW: read and annotate "The Last Duchess" by Day 6

Day 3:
Peer edit research paper outlines
"This is Why I'm Hot" rewrite
"The Story of an Hour" essay
HW: Outline for "Story of an Hour" theme essay

Day 2:
Backwards outline research paper

Look at feminism posts
"story of an hour" continued
HW: New outline for research paper- What SHOULD you have written??

Day 1:
Backwards outline Three Days essays
"story of an hour"
HW: Fix backwards outline and improve
Discussion Post: What is feminism??

day 51:
prepare for final
Day 50:
Peer edit fairy tales and fables
Go over presentation expectations and formatting for final draft of all assignments

Day 49:
Work on fables and fairy tales on your own. Due BEGINNING of next class.
Day 48:
Work on writing the fairy tale. See attached sub plans for additional help.
Day 47:
Please bring a HARD COPY of your paper to class for peer editing
Day 46 (all except Block B):
Work on Bibliography and rough draft. Bibliography due at end of class
Day 46: Block B:
Rough Draft due Peer Edit Bibliography work- Bibliography due at end of class
Day 45:
Work on Bibliography talk about book report due at end of semester (250 pages)
Day 44:
Review essay skills and last essay work on thesis- due at end of class
Day 43:
Research time on own. Thesis due at the end of the next class. HW: research your country and study fairy tale
Day 42:
Look at fairy tales and determine what can be learned from them.
Discuss due dates
Continue research
Day 41:
in library working on fairy tale unit. See sidebar Fairy Tale unit for papers
HW: if possible bring a fairy tale to class & continue to research
Day 40:
Essay test
Day 39: Discuss "The Last Day" and whole book in entirety.
Socratic Seminar
Day 38:
Discuss HW. Write a short summary of the conversation
Watch movies from class & discuss commonalities between the stories
Begin to read "The Last Day"- finish for HW
Day 37:
Discuss day 2
HW: talk with your parents about what would happen if you (girls) or your girlfriend (boys) were pregnant. Would your parents like for you to do? What would you do?
Day 36:
Read newspaper articles on Abortion in Korea- the problems and the recent developments.
Discuss in small groups and as a class
Read "Day Two"
HW- finish "Day Two"
Day 35:
Discuss "Day one" and clarify questions-
Writing assignment for HW. "You are one of the people in the doctor's neighborhood. Tell me what a day in your life is like."
Should be 400-500 words. - There is no right answer, but you must be descriptive and thoughtful.
Day 34:
Begin Three Days in that Autumn Time period, history Begin reading book looking at symbolism and character development HW: finish Day 1
Day 32 & 33 :
Work on script and film.
Day 31:
Check out Three Days in that Autumn from book room and get permission slip (also on wiki- Three Days in that Autumn).
Work on film project- determine a plan for execution.
Get letter to parents signed for HW
Day 30:
Review work over week/ answer questions
Get into script groups and confirm that it is indeed the FINAL draft.
Download this program onto one of your computers and organize a screen cast- what reasons do you have for making the choices that you made on your script. Work on this for the rest of class- Screencast must be completed by end of class.
HW: read new script/ view screencast/ pick due date
Day 29 (Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday):
Using your knowledge of Kim Yu-Jeong, come up with a thesis statement about his writing, for example: "Kim Yu-Jeong's writing can be described as..." or "Kim Yu-Jeong's writing allows readers to..." and, using at least 3 quotes with appropriate lead-in's and analysis, write a 500-600 word "essay". This will need to be emailed to me by Thursday afternoon at 3:00pm. It will not be going into the essay category in the gradebook, but instead is a homework assignment to practice writing.
Scripts will be due on the day that we come back, NOT on the 28th. You may continue to collaborate on the script via wikispaces or another interactive site- DO NOT GET TOGETHER in a group as you are quarantined.
Day 28 (Friday/ Monday):
Review "A Wanderer in the Valleys". What is the point? What overall statements can we make about the author?
Analysis worksheet- practice essay skills. - Due next class
For F block, go to "The Camellias" page on the right and complete the worksheet. For the last row, choose a significant quote from any story and come up with a lead in and analysis for that quote. After completing, Facebook a friend and determine which lead-in and analysis is better for each quote. If yours are bad, fix them and improve them.
Day 27:
Review "Camellias"- clarify story: How is it uniquely Korean? Is it a comedy?
Read "The Scorching Heat" and discuss both stories. Are they "true" as translations? Do they work the same/ send the same message in English that they would in Korean?
HW: read "Wanderer in the Valley"
Day 26:
Research Logos, Pathos and Ethos and apply to stories from Diary of a Madman.
Get "The Camellias" from bookroom
Read first short story and write 1 page response including questions you might have and relationships to other texts we have read.
Work on scripts if time.
Day 25:
Work on script whole block
Day 24:
Review grades
Discuss "Hometown"
Discuss Lu Xun as an author- distinguishing qualities? Personal style? etc.
HW: 1 pg, single spaced 12 pt font "Why I didn't do my homework"
Day 23:
Discuss HW- project questions
Review/ discuss/ analyze "Story of Hair"
HW: 1 page compare/ contrast 2 stories. (Focus on style and theme instead of plot)
Finish reading "Hometown"
Day 22:
Continue discussion of "Medicine"
Go over project for Diary of a Madman Read "The Story of Hair" HW: start to choose story for project
Day 21:
Discuss post-it's
Theme/ symbolism posters
Day 20:
Get new books "Diary of a Madman"
Discuss Lu Xun's life
Read and discuss "Medicine"
HW: re-read and 10 post-it's
Day 19:
"What Means Switch" short story
Day 18:
Work on essays- DUE AT END OF BLOCK
Writing conferences
Day 17:
Review test and answers
Essay work time
Peer review/ edit
Day 16:
Work on ap essay brainstorm
Begin/ continue work on Application essay
Day 15:
ESSAYS DUE @ 8:00 am
Begin college Application Essay work
Day 14:
Essay work time/ upload and peer edit essays
Discuss end of novel
Day 13:
Joy Luck Club novel test
Essay work time
Day 12:
Quiz on "Magpies" and "Waiting Between the Trees"
discuss two chapters and the vignette "Queen Mother of the Western Skies"
Day 11:
Discuss "Without Wood" and "Best Quality"
Begin essay work: Choose one
In what way is a daughter the “American Translation” of her mother? Choose a mother/ daughter pair and discuss
Pick at least one mother-daughter pair, and examine to what degree each has fulfilled the American Dream. How does the importance and/or definition of the American Dream change between generations?

Day 10:
Socratic Seminar
HW: Read "Best Quality"
Write 1 paragraph reflection about the seminar today
Day 9:
Discuss "Rice Husband" and "Four Directions
  • Read "Without Wood"
  • write a story/ chapter/ episode about yourself. No page limit specified- DUE NEXT CLASS
Day 8:
Look at all 4 pairs in jigsaw groups
Discuss "Twenty-six Malignant Gates"
HW: read "Rice Husband" and "Four Directions"
Day 7:
Discuss stories and analyze Mother/Daughter pairs
Character analysis
HW: read next 2 stories: "Half and Half" and "Two Kinds"
Day 6:
  • Discuss HW
  • Class work: in groups work on why 4 stories link to "Feathers From a Thousand li Away (pg 41, 42, 64 will help as they are talking to their daughters on these pages)
  • As a group write a 1 page reflection on the 4 stories and their possible link.
  • Chinatown tour Answer questions on a separate piece of paper except for #1
  1. Which picture is your favorite? Why? Place answer under "Discussion" here: F Block B block D Block
  2. Is there a Joy Luck Club element to any of these pictures? (Look at slide 14 and then at the list of characters)
  3. Look at the map of Chinatown (slide #24) What areas border Chinatown?
  4. Research these three areas. Who lives there? What types of buildings are there? Why might these districts be by Chinatown?
  • Read "The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates" THINK: What does it say about the mother that she sees the bad things that can happen? What does it say about the daughter that she ignores her mother and proves her mother correct? What does the word "Malignant" mean?
  • Read "Rules of the Game" and "The Voice From the Wall". As you read, make connections between the mother and her daughter.
Day 5:
Listen to podcast from NEA
Discuss and analyze "The Joy Luck Club" and "Scar"
Discuss "Feathers From a Thousand li Away" and its relationship to "Joy Luck Club" and "Scar"
HW: read "The Red Candle" and "Moon Lady"
Day 4:
Begin Joy Luck background information
Get books,
HW: read "The Joy Luck Club" and "Scar"
Day 3:
Present summer reading presentations
in class writing assignment about summer reading
Day 2:
Collect Summer reading assignments and 3X5 cards
Go over whole syllabus
Project on summer reading:
10-15 minute presentation teaching your book to the class focusing on themes, characters, historical time period, implications on the rest of the school year, general overview of the plot. Present next class.
Day 1:
Poem work in class
3X5 card with picture, 3 facts about you and 1 thing that you are looking forward to/ worried about this year in English